For the last few years Full Of Hell have been one of the hardest working bands in extreme music. They seem to constantly tour and are always releasing new music. Their latest is the sophomore LP on A389 Records titled Rudiments Of Mutilation.

Unfortunately the first two minutes of this record are a complete waste of time. Plenty of people will disagree, but I have zero tolerance for noise. I understand the point of it, but I find it incredibly annoying. By the time "Vessel Deserted" begins I am more than ready for some pissed off music and as always Full Of Hell delivers. Those familiar with the bands back catalog will recognize the song from their split with Goldust. Somehow the band have increased the intensity and speed from Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home. There are less tracks and they are significantly shorter than their previous works much like the songs on their 2012 split with Calm The Fire. "Embrace" serves as a brief intermission from the chaos of the record, mixing noise and drone for a drowsy and creepy three and a half minutes. "The Lord Is My Light" passes by so fast you don't even recognize it as a song. In fact I have gone back to it and listened to it again and decided it is not a song. I really don't know what the point of those nineteen seconds are. Fortunately when "Bone Coral" kicks in you forget about that brief moment of what the fuckery. The second half of this record continues to fly by with the twenty one second all out attack of "Rudiments" before they hit the brakes to head into the albums closer "Contempt Of Life".

The brightest moments on this record are from track two through track four. This is Full Of Hell at their best and most forceful. They successfully meld aspects of all my favorite genres into a wretched beast of a record. Do I like it more than their last full length? No, not at all. However, it still seems like a step in the right direction. I just wish there was more meat on this record. The two minute intro, recycled song, and "The Lord Is My Light" could all be dropped and I'd probably like this album a little better. Don't get me wrong I love this record and it will be in heavy rotation for quite awhile. Unfortunately, I have high expectations for Full Of Hell and I think with this record they have met them instead of exceeding them. For most bands this would be a game winning grand slam, but for Full Of Hell this is just a home run. They still knock it out of the park, but it isn't as spectacular.

EDIT: I have been given the correct version of the record and will have an updated review tomorrow morning.