"The Burden Of Sorrow" is the debut EP from metal supergroup of sorts Pyrithion, featuring Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying.. The group is rounded out by Allegaeon guitarist Ryan Glisan and Embodyment drummer Andy Godwin. Lambesis had the urge to participate in a more traditionally voiced metal band, and utilized his personal recording studio (also responsible for his joke metal band, Austrian Death Machine) to do just that. The twelve minutes presented on the EP are to many, glorified Allegaeon songs with Lambesis doing vocals. But I feel The Burden Of Sorrow to be much more than that, and actually a pretty decent death metal EP.

Opener, "The Invention Of Hatred" starts with a guitar swell and pretty guttural vocals from Lambesis. His vocals don't sound familiar until he switches to his higher register shrieks to accent some verses. As much as I criticized the newest As I Lay Dying album in a previous review, if Lambesis did more vocals like this and cut the whiny sung choruses from the bassist, I would like them ALOT more. Production is ultra tight, with pounding machine gun kick drums and triggered to hell snare. Guitar tones are saturated as hell and are the standout, with nearly inaudible bass. (On a death metal album??? NO WAY)

Death metal traditionalists critical of Lambesis' Christian background need not worry, as it seems a conscious effort was made to steer the subject matter away from that and more towards HATRED and BEASTS. All joking aside, a blind listen is fairly impressive and leaves you intrigued as to what route a full length from these guys would go. According to the press release, a full length is expected in the near future.

The Burden Of Sorrow is out now via Metal Blade Records