I picked up a couple Record Store Day scores from my pal's at Deathwish Inc. including the Cursed repress, and this new split 7" from Loma Prieta and Raein. I am more familiar with Loma, as I've seen them live multiple times and am always intrigued with their hard to nail down sound and live energy. Given their contribution to the split is the first four songs, I'll start with them.

As mentioned earlier, Loma Prieta's sound is often schizophrenic and bounces all over the place. I enjoy seeing traditional hardcore pit kids stand around confused during their sets, only to get 10 secs of a two step into a d-beat riff, before changing tempo/key again. Any reader familiar with my reviews knows I love CHANGE, the diamonds in the repetitional rough that keep me interested. I enjoyed their previous output, 2012's "I.V.", and a great deal of experimentation was flexed throughout the LP. I definitely feel the songs presented on the split are more aggressive and straightforward, lacking some of the previously mentioned experimentation. "Immemorial" is a scathing 44 seconds that rides the line of overdistortion throughout. Drummer Val Saucedo is a personal highlight on this EP, his frenetic drumming found not only on Loma Prieta's music, but as well as labelmates Punch and Living Eyes.

Raein is a band I had often heard but never actually heard. I understand they had an impressive output early on and disbanded in 2005, only to regroup in 2007. Their contribution, "Love And Death", is a slower, discordant jam in contrast to Loma's fast paced chaos. I actually feel the song sounds like something off of the new Single Mothers EP. Overall, this split is a solid listen and I anticipate my 7" coming through the mail. This badboy is available now via Deathwish Inc.