Dan Yemin is a busy, busy man. Between writing new material for Lifetime, playing odds and ends shows with Kid Dynamite, and unleashing a new D.C. era hardcore punk band featuring George from Blacklisted on vocals, he still found some time to scream on a new Paint It Black EP. Entitled "Invisible", the EP is considered the third in a trilogy, following 2009's "Amnesia" and "Surrender". Close to 11 minutes in length, this EP is a blazer and holds up well with their previous material. After seeing many of these played live at the record release show, I liked them that much more.

Opener "Greetings, Fellow Insomniacs"really sets the tone for the EP. With topics ranging from Yemin's journey as a new father ("Little Fingers") and women's battle to be heard ("Invisible"), the subject matter has purpose. The production was kept local to Philadelphia and handled by Will Yip. I find Invisible to be the best sounding and most cohesive of the trilogy, the pummeling low end being the highlight. Yemin's voice is still quite strong and holds up well against the thick wall of beefy power chords and grinding bass, courtesy of Josh Agran and Andy Nelson, respectively.

If you've heard Paint It Black, you can get a good idea of what this will sound like. But this is hardcore punk at its best, well executed and fierce as fuck. I understand compliments like that make me sound less educated, but I get excited sometimes. Anywho, pick up a 7" while you still can, as I understand physical copies are flying from their webstore. "Invisible" is out now via No Idea Records.