Kylesa left us off at Spiral Shadow which was not only an incredible album, but now can be considered the bridge to the direction they were going towards. Two years later we now have Ultraviolet. An even more shoegaze alternative metal album. (Use the term metal loosely). Which I know for some long time Kylesa fans will be disappointed that they have steered even further from their earlier material. As for the rest of us, we have another gift of an album wrapped in more effects, swirls and melodic riffage than any previous release.

This is who Kylesa is now and personally I couldn't be happier with the direction they keep going in and where it has brought them today. "Exhale" starts off the album with the textbook tribal drone style they have mastered over the years. From there on out the album sucks you into a beautiful portal of songs with more effects than a god damn movie studio. You don't even need drugs to think you're trippin by the end of the album.

Along with the music being more melodic the vocals also have stepped their game way up. Front woman Laura Pleasants undoubtedly has made her best performance to date on Ultraviolet. Not to take anything away from other guitarist/vocalist Phillip Cope, but Lauras vocals on this album are angelic. Really making the hooks that much better which makes the songs even more well rounded.

Every song on the album has it's own feel to it really. Making the album more interesting than what could be any other metal release this year. Although like I said this is much more of an alternative "metal" album than anything else. Other notable tracks are "Grounded", "Quicksand" and "Drifting" which really present the sound Kylesa have really invented over the years and now mastered. Imagine if Tony Iommi joined Sonic Youth. Yup, check Ultraviolet out now.