Is there any band that can capture such a murderously playful sound the way Finntroll does? I don't think there is. This long-enduring band has culled their style from many different points on the musical map, but have always made it sound like Finntroll. There is indeed something cartoonish about them, always has been, and on Blodsvept, it is more apparent than it has ever been.

Not happy with just weaving Finnish and Eastern European folk melodies through their blackened Humppa frolicking, Finntroll has added the unseemly elementy of big band jazz to their repertoire. Songs like Mordminnen shine through with tons of swaggering brass and combine that infectious toe-tapping swing tempo with slab-laden, dark chords. You get the feeling that something is going to eat you... and they're going to be smiling the whole time in genuine mirth.

There are songs that are more typical for Finntroll that look back towards their previous, more upbeat releases. Not everything is so dark, after all. Songs like Skogsdotter channel the more punk-influenced songs found mostly on Nattfodd and Jatkens Tid. The Humppa force grows stronger the later into the album you get. It's almost like it begins with the darker songs accompanied by big brass, and then transcends into the blackened Humppa that marks the distinctive Finntroll style.

While their last album,Nifelvind, was probably their darkest-sounding album, Blodsvept returns to a much more addictive, compelling, upbeat folk style that only uses the darkness to offset the light. Finntroll is a band that never disappoints, and their streak of wondrous, epic greatness continues on.