When it comes to grind I am very picky about what I like. I decided to give these guys a listen for the sake of hearing some new music. What I wasn't prepared for was that this band would actually be good.

Now saying that this band is good is an understatement. Honestly after listening to them for a short amount of time I would really just call them hardcore. They are fast and have some instances of blast beats but really have more of a hardcore sound with elements of grind.

They have taken a genre that is normally pretty repetitive and generic sounding and made it work for them. The heaviness is excellent and fits their sound perfectly. The music is well played and enjoyable to listen to.

With only ten songs this album flies by but is a sweet ride the entire way. Not once does this album let up. Pummeling you with their dissonant chords this album is aural assault that will leave you wanting more.

This album was a wonderful surprise. This album is so far in my top 10 of best albums this year and can't imagine anything will come along and take that off of it. Go check this record out because you will not be disappointed.