When I was younger getting into punk and trying out ska for the first time, Catch 22 was on that list. I had first listened to the now famous Keasbey Nights. This album had ups and downs but overall was a fantastic record that made me branch into the ska genre in the first place. Many years later I saw Tomas Kalnoky had started up a new band called Streetlight Manifesto. Knowing I really liked the album he wrote and sang on, I knew it was a must to check them out.

I listened to a few songs here and there and checked out their version of Keasbey Nights and was quite impressed with the sound but I was a bit over the ska thing and never really listened to them again until this came out.

The first song grabbed my attention and made me wonder why I ever stopped listening to these guys. It was everything a ska song should be. I was totally impressed with these guys and put me in the right mood to listen to the album.

After a few listens the album really grew on me. I wasn't impressed on the first listen but each time I listened I found myself enjoying it more and more. Its not album of the year but a super fun and catchy ska album that could stay in rotation for quite some time.

The album as a whole was pretty good. The songs are catchy and fun to listen to which is what ska really is all about. I imagine fans of Streetlight Manifesto and Catch 22 will eat this up. It might not be album of the year but check it out if you are into ska or the aforementioned bands.