Daylight is a band that I've been seeing around the internet for quite some time now. I learned the unfortunate news of this album leaking way ahead of its release date through multiple posts scattered about my Tumblr feed. Daylight is a band that has considerable hype, getting indie and pop punk kids talking on their blogs and Facebook pages. I understand that the band has drifted away from a solidified Pop Punk sound to more of a grungy, post rock sound. This seems to be a recurring trend for pop punk bands looking to "progress". (I'm looking at YOU, Title Fight) Like every other obnoxiously duplicated trend in the constantly morphing music scene, I've already had enough of it.

Transitioning from angsty punk jams to mature emotional post-indie-whatever the fuck reverb rape fests are happening way too much. Dudes born in the 90's with little to no recollection of the grunge era are force feeding us all a hipster interpretation fueled by bands like Sunny Day Real Estate. I have seen an alarming increase in long haired, unbuttoned flannel wearing scrubs showing up at shows and I can see the writing on the wall. I've gone a full two paragraphs without really mentioning anything about "Jar", but I'm more concerned about putting out the grease fire (grunge punk) before it grows and burns down the house (the music scene). I'm confident that most "punk" music these days is fucking terrible, it just is. Many won't agree, and those that don't are all entitled to their opinion. Just know that you're wrong.

Anyhow, this album can simply be summed up as radio friendly rock that's played by Pop Punk dudes. The production is ultra polished, the vocals are frequently doubled and ultra clean, you get the idea. I'd imagine any music video released for the album would look like a crappy VHS tape with over saturated colors and crazy light leakage, basically any Instagram filter. Anybody that actually enjoys this album and others of the sort, I kindly invite you to share the reasoning of the dark side. Jar is out now via Run For Cover Records.