Ayr is an Atmospheric Black Metal band from Charlotte, NC, and featuring members of Young And In The Way. That's all the basic information you need to know. However, if I didn't know that members of YAITW were in Ayr, I would've never guessed--the bands are so radically different, with only one thing in common: they both kick ass.

"Nothing Left To Give" is the 3rd release from this beautiful, blackened, aggressive two-piece. Always exploring, and always growing from album-to-album, Ayr give us, what I feel, is their best material to date. Constantly dragging us along the borderline of clenched-fist aggression and closed-eyes somber beauty, these 4 tracks are nothing that I expected, and everything I wanted.

"Thirst" gives us a near-perfect opening track, with a well rounded introduction to the band, and is a full-fledged assault on our preconceived notions of the band. Beautiful leads are cut in two by maniacal snare hits and crunching, scorched vocals. What truly helped me notice this release, though, was the second track: "Starvation." Another 8 minute track, this song rips through blastbeats and shredding guitar, but executes slower, gorgeous tones with the same persistence.

"Hallucination" takes us back to a slower, somber intro, similar to something from GYBE!'s "Lift Your Skinny Fists..." or "Yanqui XO." This song is genius. This song is the absolute best song on the album, and left me weeping. Perfectly done, the textures of this instrumental ode swirl together, creating a gorgeous mural of pain, desire, want, and failure.

"Expiration" follows "Hallucination" flawlessly, with the same intensity and catharsis of the previous track, but with the aggression of the first two tracks--bringing the stinging vocals back in, to finish the album with a conglomeration of all of its best qualities.

Ayr is absolutely incredible. Go listen to this band. Go buy their albums. It will fulfill you.