As a kid who grew up on Frodus and Bear Vs. Shark, I always wanted someone to become the awkward, bastardized lovechild of the two. And, behold, These Branches has come to save us all. Hailing from I don't even know where, these boys create absolutely amazing post-hardcore music with all the ferocity of Converge and all the mathematical melody of Roadside Monument.

With only 4 songs, "Beliefs" is 8 minutes of breath-taking jams that will remind you what it was like the first time you got aroused while listening to music. For me, it was "5,6 Kids." Now you know too much. But regardless, this EP brings to mind bands like Fugazi (with the endless back-and-forth vocals), and everything else you've missed for the last 10 years.

I could break down the songs more, and I would enjoy it, but here's what you need to do: Listen to this album, cry from happiness, and buy These Branches cases of beer. And don't be cheap asses.

Seriously, though, this EP is incredible.