I've gotta get this out of the way right from the start Noisem (formerly Necropsy), are made up of a group of young bucks from Baltimore. Even though these kids range from the ages of 15-20 they have the chops of seasoned vets from the metal scene. I've been fortunate enough to see them first hand for quite awhile now and I have always been incredibly impressed. So when the band entered Developing Nations Studios with Kevin Bernsten to record their debut LP for A389 Records I had high expectations. They delivered.

"Voices In The Morgue" kicks off the record violently and immediately shows their intended direction. This is thrash with a heavy death metal influence. The musicianship is absolutely top notch with the guitars leading the way. There is no holding back on the solos and they are tastefully used without being overindulgent. The rhythm section gets in perfect sync with each other through the heaviest parts and causes some serious headbanging. Vocally I'm reminded of King Fowley from Deceased in the sense that they fall somewhere between thrash and death metal vocals. That shouldn't be much of a shock though because as I said that is exactly where the band lies as a whole. Imagine Altars Of Madness era Morbid Angel with Slayer's solos and King Fowley on vocals. Mix in some classic Sepultura and you've got Noisem on Agony Defined.

Usually when a record is nine songs long, I would complain that it is too short. However I feel like the abbreviated length of the record allows it to come across more aggressive and delivers the right amount of urgency. Agony Defined truly grabs your attention and doesn't give you a rest. I know that sounds like a cliche thing to say, but these guys fucking fly through and you can't help but pay attention and become engulfed in the madness.

I have always been a huge thrash fan. Unfortunately there has been a huge shortage of quality thrash records since the genres heyday. Noisem give hope to the genre and feel like more than a flash in the pan. Agony Defined deserves all the hype it carries and I'm stoked I have a front row seat to the show.