I can safely state that I have never been disappointed by any Dillinger Escape Plan album, and their latest offering, "One Of Us Is The Killer"continues that trend. The familiar sound that Puciato, Weinmen & Company have progressed upon over the years is presented throughout the album. Opener "Prancer" starts with a bang, dissonant guitar chords and chaotic accented drumming stop abruptly, before Puciato's signature scream starts things off properly. Experimentation has definitely been stepped up here, while not taking it too far overboard. While I've enjoyed newer material by bands like Between The Buried And Me, I've grown somewhat tired of their theatrics because its become more about how far they can take it, rather then what serves the song. TDEP has a way about balancing their signature chaos with newfound experimental layers and whacky vocals.

Drummer Billy Rhymer's contribution to this album is tremendous, first debuting with the band on 2010's "Option Paralysis". This dude can seriously fucking tear up a drumkit, check out YouTube and watch him SMOKE former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy. Ben Weinman's guitar acrobatics continue to keep me interested, with whacky overdubs bouncing from left to right that add depth to the punchy mix. Steve Evetts is a fantastic producer that has handled most of the solid metal/hardcore releases of the last few years. Songs like "Hero Of The Soviet Union" showcase the style of experimentation present throughout the album. Puciato's vocals are stronger than ever, and constantly vary from throat ripping screams to doubled falsettos.

To many, One Of Us Is The Killer comes off as just another Dillinger Escape Plan album. Some are put off by the constantly changing time signatures, other by the dissonant riffs that all still sound like "43% Burnt". I would honestly agree that on the surface, not much progression is evident. The proof is in multiple listens, and especially on headphones, where I am still picking out new layers and weird little overdubs that add tons of depth to the chaos. If you're looking for that little extra push towards checking this album out, check out the band on tour. Their live show is something worth marveling over, and is still probably one of the most intense live acts in heavy music. One Of Us Is The Killer is available now via Sumerian Records.