I don't know much about Enabler other than they used to have a member of Fall Out Boy and I always get them confused with the horrible mosh band Ender. So I am skipping the biographical part of the opening paragraph because I am lazy and don't really feel like feigning enough interest to look something up about them.

Shift Of Redemption is a four song EP that wastes little time getting to work. On the opening self titled track the band iron out the blueprint for the rest of the EP. I quickly learned I am going to find crust influenced metallic hardcore. That sounds like its harder to swallow than it is. Enabler also incorporates subtle rock elements that make for slightly more accessible song structures. What I mean by that is that the band doesn't do things abruptly. The tracks here don't just start or stop without a proper arrangement.

I've only played through this a handful of times and while I've found it enjoyable, I don't seem to be loving it as much as everyone did their last full length. My preferred here is "Live Low" where the band takes a more direct and scathing crust approach. The rest of the record doesn't carry the same intensity and unfortunately I think that is where the band sounds their best.

Enabler does some things different, but they certainly aren't a game changer in hardcore. I like it and I suspect many others will too, but I don't think I'll find myself going back to Shift Of Redemption all that often.