German thrashers Dew-Scented have been at it for 20 years now and why not celebrate one milestone with another on their tenth full length Insurgent. OK, calling this a full length is a little misleading. Sure there are nineteen tracks here, but the bulk of them are live or bonus tracks and cover songs. Insurgent is much more accurately defined as a retrospective compilation of the bands career.

The record isn't all old material. The first three tracks are brand new and although I find it an odd place to debut them, it is nice to have something fresh. Unfortunately, while all three of these songs are adequate, neither of them are stellar. The next seven tracks are all from some live performance in 2012. While they are decent quality and the band sounds tight I don't really give a shit about live records. The last third of the record is comprised of bonus tracks and cover songs. Here is where I found the only songs that really interested me. Dew-Scented take a varied approach on choosing the artists to cover. Prong, Incubus, Powermad and Wasted Youth are among the chosen, but the two that interest me the most are Inside Out and Judge. I don't think they are the greatest things I've ever heard, but it was interesting to hear a different take on "No Spiritual Surrender" and "The Storm".

Ultimately this is definitely a record directed towards Dew-Scented's diehard fans. It is an enjoyable listen, but not at all essential and in the end pretty forgettable. These guys have plenty of other awesome material out there and I'd rather listen to one of their proper full lengths or just wait for the next.