Cathedral and Lee Dorrian have had a pretty successful career playing their brand of doom metal. Sometime prior to the recording of The Last Spire, Dorrian announced that this would be the last record for Cathedral. He didn't say they were breaking up, but he claims this will be the last record. I find that highly unlikely, but whatever, lets get to the music.

I'm not entirely familiar with all of Cathedral's back catalog. Actually I'm hardly familiar with any of if at all. I know Forest Of Equilibrium because it is considered a classic, but other than that I'm pretty ignorant to the band. I do know that they started out as a pretty classic example of a doom band and later made a slight shift into the stoner metal world. I wouldn't consider that much of a change, but to some that is apples and oranges.

The Last Spire starts out with an incredibly annoying three minute intro track called "Entrance To Hell". "Bring Out Your Dead" is sampled to fucking death on this abomination of a song and had me wanting to turn the record off before it even really got started. Fortunately the second track "Pallbearer" gets to work quickly and allowed me to forget about that bullshit. Throughout twelve minutes "Pallbearer" transitions from traditional sloth like doom to a beautiful classic part before making an odd switch in tempo at the eight minute mark. It's a small complaint, but the transition into a more upbeat section seems a little sudden, but eventually I forgot about it because the rest of the track flows perfectly.

The rest of the record continues to showcase the band plodding along and writing quality songs. There are plenty of leads, keyboards, and accenting vocals to keep the record from getting stale and for a doom/stoner record it keeps your attention.

My biggest complaint about this record other than the opening track and the thirty eight second "Last Laugh", is Dorrian's vocals. They aren't good, they aren't bad, they are just kind of there.

If this truly is the last Cathedral record then Dorrian and Co. can confidently say they went out on a good note. But in a world where artists release music after they are dead and every band under the sun has done a reunion I find it hard to believe they won't be back.