Finally, some dirty, hard, crusty Punk fucking Rock! This album has everything that made me fall in love with punk in the first place. And being that t these guys are from Melbourne Australia, make it even cooler (home of the Road Warrior)!
Any how, the music is solid, distorted bass, heavier distorted guitars, screaming and angry vocals and relentless d-beats. All in a chaotic and organized display of a pure audio assault on the ears, but in a good way. The kind that leaves you wanting more... So, good thing there are 15 songs here.
With a heavy sound and influences covering the likes of bands such as DESTROY, Aus-Rotten and Code 13, Kromosom is a force to be reckoned with that delivers the goods and will definitely hold its own in comparison with the above mentioned bands.
Released on Southern Lord Records, this is their debut full length C.D., even though the band has been recording and touring since 2010. So, THANK YOU Southern Lord Records!
Kromosom is some of the best Punk Rock I have personally heard in a while. You can smell the glue and leather through the speakers (um, the glue is from the hair, in case you didn't get the joke.) and the music keeps you moving from the first song all the way to the end.
Although recorded well, there is a definite "Old School" feel to the whole thing. Completely living up to the DIY attitude. Again, this is a really good album from start to finish. If you like the raw, crust sound I would highly suggest this album.