Oceans Of Slumber self released this record way back on February 1st. Since then Aetherial has slowly gained its due recognition. Comprised of members that have done time in an array of notable bands, Oceans Of Slumber have decided not to wait for a label to pick them up and get right to work.

The list of influence heard within these nine tracks would be way too long. These guys meander through every genre under the heavy metal umbrella. Hailing from Houston, it shouldn't come as any surprise to to hear a lot of influence from Pantera in the harsher vocals and at the bands heavier moments. Oceans Of Slumber sound perfectly capable of producing an unrelentingly heavy record in vein of Pantera or Lamb Of God, but the band spends the majority of their time playing prog metal not unlike Anciients and The Ocean. Although unlike those bands, these guys also find themselves implementing the brutality of death metal and the hooks of 90's alt metal. There are certain parts that sound like a modern day Faith No More that transition into Dillinger Escape Plan like tech metal.

Oceans Of Slumber are all over the place on Aethrial. Fortunately, instead of sounding scattered and confused, this record sounds cohesive and well thought out. There are parts I could do without, but nothing horribly offensive.

The band took a risk by releasing this record on their own and in the end I think it is going to pay off. I wouldn't be surprised to see them picked up by a bigger label and touring as support for a lot of bigger names in the future.