From Texas, Warbeast was formed in 2006 and has one other album out from 2010 called "Krush the Enemy". And with that, lets get to the new album. This is a basic thrash metal album. It has everything you would expect from this sort of album, fast guitars, cool solos, blistering drums and angry vocals. Its said that former Pantera vocalist, Phil Anselmo "discovered" the band and produced "Destroy", the bands second album.
As far as Thrash goes, this is pretty run of the mill. Its not bad, not in the least, but its not really great either. Its heavy and sometimes fast, but something's just holding it back.
In a way, it has a real old school sound to it and even the album cover has a real "Thrashy" look to it, featuring a big green monster running havoc, being chased down and bombarded by jets with missiles shooting at it. Running at around 40 minutes, this album kinda bored me. I wanted to love it, being that i'm a pretty big fan of older thrash metal (and the killer cover art), but like I mentioned earlier, there's just something holding it back. Now don't get me wrong, it really is worth a listen to. Personally though, I won't be listening to it again. There just does't seem to be very much originality here. There is however a high quality of musicianship, which should count for something. Unfortunately its gonna take a bit more than that to really shine this album up.

You know, I read a lot of other reviews and descriptions about Warbeast while checking out the album, everybody and their mother made it sound like the best album since SLAYERS "Reign in Blood". Here is one quote that I read- "Old school Metal the way it’s supposed to be played. Featuring Bruce Corbitt", and while I agree that is old school sounding Metal, it just wasn't as good as expected. It seems a lot of name dropping went into the reviews for the sake of pushing the album rather than for reviewing the album. I understand why they mentioned that there were "ex" members of said bands, it shows a way for the reader to get an idea of the sound with out actually hearing the album first. Again, this is just my opinion. But I felt is was important to add that as an alternative to this review, that in all honesty, was done with an open and honest view. Thanks for reading!!!!