Well Jello is back again with his third album with the Guantanamo School of Medicine. Being a long time Jello Biafra fan I had to check this album out in hopes it was better than the last two releases. Not that the last two were bad just that they were not as great as previous endeavors from him.

As the record plays on I am reminded what I liked about this incarnation of Jello Biafra. Unfortunately about halfway through I was also reminded why I didn't think this was the best punk band around.

I am a huge fan of Jello Biafra's vocals. Its what makes me love Dead Kennedys. Here they shine perfectly and made the entire album enjoyable. The music fits together with his vocals seamlessly. The quality of product is there with expertly pairing vocal styles and music together to make a cohesive record. These guys know what they are doing and make it sound good as well. Now I do love his vocals and how they go together with the music so well but unfortunately I just wasn't blown away by a single song. Nothing here screams out to be an above average track. This wouldn't be an issue if the album as a whole was stronger but it felt like the filler tracks from an album waiting for the singles to be mixed in.

I liked the album but I didn't love it. I love that Jello keeps doing music and found a band that he can play with again instead of the numerous guest spots he had done over the years. For me though I am just not super into them. I want to love this band but I can't. If you liked the last albums, you will like this one too. It hasn't changed much from their previous albums. I'm sure I'll give it a few more listens but I can't see this being in my permanent rotation.