Since the release of their demo back in 2008, Dallas’ Power Trip has come out guns blazing. Relentless touring, multiple festival appearances, and two EPs lead these crossover titans to their first full length and debut on Southern Lord records, Manifest Decimation.

Since their inception people have quickly just lumped Power Trip as another hardcore band and I think that label is very misleading and unfair. Let’s face it, no matter how many hardcore bands they play with or hardcore tours they are on, Power Trip is a thrash metal band. They have much more in common with say Metallica than, say, Sick Of It All. While the elements of mid-80’s Bay Area is the backbone and major focus of the band, I will say they do have the occasional leanings towards the Cro-Mags and Leeway. But let’s be serious here for a minute, although they are hardcore royalty, both of those bands were barely hardcore, especially Leeway. But let’s get back to Power Trip for a second. While the record opens up with a boom in the form of the title track, it isn’t all about speed here. Songs like Crossbreaker and Murder’s Row have a mid-tempoed groove that is reminiscent of Anthrax while Heretic’s Fork could have been a B-side on a Nuclear Assault record.

While the music is easily a tribute to the thrash bands of yesterday the tribute doesn’t end there. Even the production is a reminder of what you may have heard back in the 1985 if you weren’t a Big Four band with the top of the line production. It’s a bit muddy and the vocals have enough reverb on them that it sounds like they were recorded in the middle of a factory floor. It took a minute for me to appreciate these added features to the production but I’m now at the point where I couldn’t see them recorded any other way and still achieve the same overall feeling the record is meant to have.

It’s not entirely courteous to the band to just label this a praise to those that came before them because this record really stands out in the crowd amongst modern bands. It’s not every day that a band can take something old and breathe new life into it, which is exactly what Power Trip has done with Manifest Decimation. They have set the bar very high in 2013 for thrashy hardcore/crossover records and is a mark that I don’t think will be surpassed by any of their peers this year. This record comes highly recommended.