Japan's Church Of Misery have been producing bluesy doom for quite a few years now. A lot of people identify them with their serial killer gimmick. For those unfamiliar, the band titles each song after a mass murderer and incorporates small audio clips if available in a tasteful way. While it is a cool novelty and I personally find it intriguing, the music of Church Of Misery is the main draw and rightfully so.

Thy Kingdom Scum picks up where the band left off on their previous releases. They have never been shy about their affinity for Black Sabbath in both their imagery and sound. Just look at their album covers for Vol. 1 and Master Of Brutality. From the opener of "B.T.K. (Dennis Rader)", Church Of Misery plod down their doom laden path adding lots of blues influence. The vocals of Hideki Fukasawa aren't my favorite, but they are certainly tolerable. He sounds like Neil Fallon of Clutch if he were drunkenly slurring through Black Sabbath karaoke. There is also some sludge influence, but most of what is heard fits Church Of Misery alongside bands like Saint Vitus and Cathedral.

I don't really have any complaints about Thy Kingdom Scum. The songs are long, but don't feel like it. Church Of Misery incorporate enough rock influences to keep each track from getting stale, but don't come across as one of the many retro metal/rock bands out right now. I listened to this album the whole way through and put it right back on when it finished. I like it that much. It's been years since I last listened to Church Of Misery, but I'm glad I came across them again. Thy Kingdom Scum makes me want to re-discover all of the bands back catalog and I'm excited to do it.