Albany’s Concrete seemed to have slipped just enough under my radar that I never gave them an opportunity until last night. Formed sometime in 2010 with a demo released in 2011, I had seen the name appear on a few fliers with Ghost Ship and one of those Blood For Blood reunion shows but for whatever reason, I skipped them over. Here I am eating crow while listening to their first real deal release in, Deadlock.

It’s always refreshing for me as a reviewer when a band makes it easy for me. When the frills are limited and I don’t have to do dig deep in order to find easy comparisons to make a verbal description make sense to what I’m listening to. Concrete is simply an aggressive straight forward heavy hardcore band. Taking thrashier elements from bands like Hatebreed and Terror while mixing them with breakdowns and creepy-crawl parts that remind me of Strength For A Reason. That’s it. There isn’t any added special elements like pulling inspiration from a wild card like Cannibal Corpse or something that doesn’t make much sense. I read an interview that the band wanted to play a style that they grew up listening to rather than what was trendy and I think they hit the nail on the head. Where more and more bands seem to exercise creativity and pull from multiple genres, Concrete keeps it strictly hardcore.

I know it doesn’t seem fair to the band to give them such a quick review but there isn’t much more that needs to be said. These 8 tracks are relentless, in your face hardcore that isn’t necessarily the popular thing to do these days. It’s nice to see some people keep it simple and didn’t feel the need to give us something that we have to pretend to think deeply about. The next time they are in town or near me, I’m definitely not skipping them over again. Listen to this and stage dive on someone.