Originally founded as a one man band by Chris Grigg, these Philadelphia based black metalers are back with their third full length Withdrawal. On their last record, Quietly, Undramatically, Grigg recorded for the first time with a full band. On Withdrawal Grigg has again recruited bandmates but with a different line-up this time around.

From the beginning of "This Is The End Of The Story" it is pretty evident that this is a black metal record. Woe rips through the six minute track with a traditionally bleak blast beat ridden ferociousness. As scathing as the majority of Withdrawal is Grigg and Co. have made room for plenty of melody. In addition to Grigg's vocals bassist Grzesiek Czapla has taken on quite a few of the vocal duties. The trade off between the two gives a welcomed dynamic that helps keep the record fresh. Unlike most black metal bands adding a fuckload of atmosphere and delicate passages that blur the line into shoegaze territory, Woe keep their breaths of clean parts to an absolute minimum.

Woe seem to have found their stride as a full band. Withdrawal takes the traditional black metal formula and adds almost unnoticeable amounts of punk and thrash. It's raw and exhausting and I imagine anyone interested in old school USBM will be more than pleased with what Woe has put together on Withdrawal.