I seem to have adopted the role of clean up crew when it comes to reviews here on Stereokiller. KEN Mode released Entrench way back in March, but it has sat untouched in the review pool since. I had never listened to KEN Mode for pretty petty reasons. I don't like their name or the way people jock them so I stupidly ignored them completely. Since the release of Entrench I have read nothing but good reviews and finally decided to put aside my horrible reasons for not listening to the band and indulge in the hype.

KEN Mode (Kill Everyone Now) play an angular noise rock/Am-Rep style fused with a chaotic intensity of Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, or Gaza. They don't pigeonhole themselves into any singular genre so it isn't rare to hear a moment that sounds inspired by Unsane chop its way into something Converge might compose. For all the band comparisons I can throw out that span multiple genres, KEN Mode show a competency for creating a well balanced final product. The nature of certain songs may shift, but the majority of the bands oblique sounds fit despite their jagged edges.

Where the band might have lost me with their lawless approach, they make all the pieces fit and have put together an album that is rather concise in spite of all its aspects. Entrench isn't the best album I've heard this year and I doubt it will even make my top ten, but I am very happy I have finally given them a correct listen and absolutely consider myself a fan.