Ivy League TX are another band playing that 90's rock/alternative that somehow gets passed off as having something to do with punk rock. Lots of well deserved comparisons have been made between these Texans and Title Fight. While the bands sound similar, I wouldn't put them on the same playing field. I wouldn't consider myself a fan of the latter, although I don't mind them, but Ivy League TX just seems like another band in the current wave of these 90's throwback groups.

I've gone through this record a few times, but haven't come up with much to reflect on. It seems short on substance and feels more like a band that got together and said "I wanna sound like this" instead of just plugging in and playing what comes out. Sure there are far worse ways for a band to find their identity and these guys aren't necessarily bad, but this trend of hardcore kids resorting to the same almost-emo garage rock has gotten out of hand over the last few years.

There are bands like Make Do And Mend and Title Fight that have put in the work and respectfully established themselves while maintaining their punk rock ethos. But they did so without sacrificing their integrity by jumping onto trends and did quite the opposite by playing in a scene where musically they didn't really fit in. I could be wrong about Ivy League, maybe they've been playing this shit for years. But for their sake I hope that isn't the case because this is an average record at best.

I'm sure loads of kids in backwards "snapback" hats, short sleeved collared shirts and cut off khakis will love this, but there are better options out there.