I love Baroness. I particularly love Yellow & Green and have spent countless hours listening to that record. So when I saw the band was releasing a live EP comprised of all songs from that album I was pretty interested.

So I was especially disappointed to find that I think this sucks shit. Okay, its not that horrible, but I am incredibly underwhelmed right from the start. I understand that recording at Maida Vale is really cool, but why does this sound so bad? The sound quality represented here does not match up with what I'd expect from Baroness, Relapse or the BBC. My next complaint is the song selection or lack thereof. They went with 4 of the strongest tracks from Yellow & Green, but nothing else. The only thing this record really shows is that Baroness is a good live band. They might be great, but I've never seen them and the quality here isn't exposing enough about them.

Overall this record is a pretty big disappointment and feels like it is exclusively for completists. I'm not against a good live record I'll gladly listen to Opeth's Roundhouse Tapes or Ringworm's Stigmatas In The Flesh, but Live At Maida Vale isn't going to see anymore plays from me.