Seldom have I ever heard a more appropriately-monikered band. I mean, Jesus Christ, will you guys fucking relax already? Y'all need hugs. That's what you need. Lots of hugs. I don't see it happening any time soon.

Consumed With Hatred sound like they're burning down a nursery school with the children still inside and punching the kids who manage to escape in the face as they flee smoldering with their skin falling off. To say this band sounds angry is a colossal understatement.

The music is a fusion of death metal riffing, punishing hardcore beat-downs, relentless blast beats and furious technical drumming, and the pure chaos of grindcore rolled into one wrecking ball led by the rage-induced screams of Justin Anthony.

What really gets me the more I listen to this is the order that is found within the chaos. Sure, the band sounds like they are trying to smash themselves into pieces with the music, but they're doing so in a deceptively methodical fashion. While the music itself just wants to spazz off like a bomb, the explosive charge is cleverly shaped to give direction to the blast.

Clocking in at almost 17 minutes, Over Before It Started is an incredible musical temper tantrum, an outburst of audio violence that stands out among other grindy bands due to the well-concealed song structures and hooks that lie just beneath the fury. Because it is so quick, it doesn't wear out its welcome, and it fits perfectly those days when you want to sit back in your chair at work and contemplate mass murder. Then, like a passing fancy, it's over, and nobody else knows that the only reason you're smiling is because you're imagining them laying on the train tracks severed in half.