Featuring members of Goes Cube, The Destro, Grudges, and Primitive Weapons this quintet obviously isn't shy about their love for Crowbar and the twang. Unfortunately once again we have another failed attempt of doing that style well and intriguing. Along with (which wouldn't come to a shock to most) trying to do too much vocally and musically.

In between the above par Crowbar style riffs is just too much bland typical music that so many have written before them. When they do try and spice it up, it reminds me of them parts similar to Everytime I Die noise with echoed vocal effects. Which legions of bands have done and are still doing. Why I don't know. The drumming style is almost identical to crowbar with more double bass which is also a standard cliche in every other sheep band. This is also an example of trying to do too much with simple riffs and music styles. The beauty of bands like Metallica, Crowbar and hell even Pantera the best riffs are the simplest ones. The simplicity makes it not only catchy but harder hitting. Which I believe is more times than not the sole purpose of this heavy style of music. The vocals to me are mediocre at times then out of nowhere get really weird and not to my liking especially going over this style of music.

There's nothing more I can really say besides that I was underwhelmed. Although they do have potential to get this thing right eventually. They just need to stop with the weirdo parts in between the simple heavy load and stop making stuff flashy unless it's tasteful. In a nutshell it's not terrible but at the end of the album you're all like "ehhh whatever next."