Being a fan of hardcore, I'm usually pretty cautious when checking out youth crew full-length albums. It's almost an oxymoron, but some awesome LPs like Mindset's Leave No Doubt and Losin' It's No Apology have been recently released. This is Truth Inside's 2013 Promo tape for a future full-length.

The overall sound will be familiar if you're into this band lyrically and musically. In "Forward Thinking" I liked the added melody provided by an octave line that was added near the end of the song, it breaks up the monotony of pretty predictable power chord progressions. There was one really unfortunate thing that stuck out to me like a sore thumb though. About halfway through there's a quick progression that goes back and forth between two chords. On the second chord the guitarist hits what sounds like the open strings with the chord, which sounds awful. People who don't have to analyze the songs like I do might not notice it, but I noticed it a few times throughout the 4 tracks.

"Rhodes" is pretty similar to "Best Times" off of their last 7": Basically it's saying how awesome touring in a hardcore band is, putting problems aside and being united. That might sound really cheesy, but the band is clearly very positive and it doesn't come off insincere. The band isn't heavy, but there's an awesome two step part and the build up to it is one of the more intense parts this band has offered.

It's kind of a weird coincidence that the open strings that the guitar player is most likely accidentally hitting are in the key that the verse progression is in the Chain of Strength cover "True 'Till Death". It has a much more dark sound, almost like old AFI stuff but slower. It's not as intense as the original, but a cool song to cover.

Overall, I was a little disappointed that the band didn't sound incredibly tight and maybe should've re-recorded a few parts over. There's a few times where the drums aren't quite caught up to the guitars and it sounds like the song is going to fall of the rails. The bad notes on the guitar distract from the songs for me.

That said, hopefully they can fix these problems for the full-length because minus the couple things I pointed out, these are a solid few tracks.