The Gore Lords are at it again. This time they are ripping it up with their newest full lenght, Necrocracy. Featuring another full on assault on your ears and leaving you foaming at the mouth.

I have had the pleasure of seeing these guys twice live, the first time opening for non other than Cannibal Corpse, the second time was earlier this year as they started their tour with Suffocation. Prior to the show with CC, I had never heard of them before. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. The next day I went to the record store and picked up a copy of Slaughter Cult and haven't stopped playing it.

Ok, so lets get to Necrocracy. I was lucky enough to hear it while it was still streaming in full and I have to say, like all the previous stuff I have heard from them, I was impressed.

Necrocracy is exactly what you would expect from these guys, heavy riffs, insanely fast drum beats, and of course the kick ass dual vocals. Over all, the music on the album is all Exhumed quality. Fast, heavy and hard hitting.

Being that I'm a big fan of the band, I did try to listen with open ears. But Exhumed is a great band if your into this sort of music, they seldom, if ever have disappointed either on record or live performances (well the two times that I saw them any how.) and considering the multiple line up changes and several releases, their still at it strong and keeping true to their death metal roots!!!

Necrocracy is set to be released on August 6th and is said to be among Decibel Magazine’s most anticipated albums of 2013. I couldn't have said it better. Although not my MOST anticipated album of the year, a definite second for sure.