A few years ago Product Of Waste popped up out of nowhere and excited lots of people in the hardcore scene. Their rapid fire approach to classic hardcore was a huge breath of fresh air in a sometimes stagnant genre. Well nowhere happened to be Providence, Rhode Island and POW played with the New England attitude that the northeast is known for. After a couple releases the band seemed to quietly fade away, but they are back on Fast Break! Records with Good and Evil.

From the opening of "Can't Walk In My Shoes" the band shows that they haven't lost a step. POW and front man Terry possess a swagger that most bands strive for. The record and band have a confidence in their music that seems to come out of your speakers through these nine songs. Nine songs, seems like a lot for an EP, and it is, but not when the longest is a minute and thirty eight seconds. These guys channel some classic NYHC not unlike early Agnostic Front and add to it the intensity of a band like Colin Of Arabia. That shouldn't be much of a surprise as I know they shared members with COA at one point, but if you've seen either band live you may know about their captivating performances.

The lyrics from these guys have never done much for me, but the delivery is among the best in hardcore. Terry's thick New England accent raps over top the fast music without sounding corny or forced.

I was hooked when they released You Won't Take Me Alive, drawn closer on the split tape with POW Camp and remain stoked on the band with Good and Evil. I don't know how active Product Of Waste is these days, but I will always be excited to see them putting out new records. I caught them in their hometown years ago at Built To Last Fest, but haven't seen them since. Hopefully they start hitting the road again, but I'm not getting my hopes up.