Led by vocalist Nick Walsh, former front man of Slik Toxik, Canada's Famous Underground play an antiquated brand of traditional hard rock and heavy metal. Those metal heads longing for the days of late ’80s sleaze rock will be pleased with this record.

The band's self-titled and slickly-produced debut includes eleven songs, ranging from the fast and furious, to arena rock anthems, to power ballads. The standout tracks “Wasteland," “Overdrive,” and most of all “Bullet Train,” are the best examples of what the band can do when they stick to their metal guns and go balls out with killer guitar riffs and spot on '80s metal vocals.

Walsh's long-time bassist/musical partner Laurie-Anne Green contributes to the song writing chemistry making it clear the two have been playing music together for a long time. One can only hope the band continues to create blazing metal anthems and shy away from the ballads.