All the way from Japan, Coffins brings forth “The Fleshlands”, released by Relapse Records, this is their fourth full length album. With a full onslaught of death and doom metal there is also some punk elements added to their sound, due in large parts to the way the drummer plays his beats. You wont find a lot of technical or double bass drumming or even a lot of blast beats, but a consistent beat with occasional fills and rolls. Not to say there isn't double bass and blast beats in the mix, its just not a main focus like you would hear in other death metal albums. But in no way does that take away anything from the album, or the style of death metal that Coffins plays. As matter of fact, it takes the music out of the normal range of typical death and doom metal all the while maintaining the heavier elements of the genre. Whether this was done on purpose or on accident, its done well and the style of drumming really adds to making them sound a bit different from other bands of the genre

“Here Come Perdition” opens the album and starts immediately into a slow but building sound, that after a few bars starts to pick up speed and never really seems to let up.

The second song on here is also worth a notable mention, “Hellbringer” is another one of those death metal/punk sounding songs that has a real catchy feel to it, at the same time being extremely heavy and violent. And the opening scream from this track is AWSOME! The vocals in general just kill it on this entire album. They kind of remind me of Cannibal Corpses “Tomb of the Mutilated” in style. These are the kind of vocals that make you wonder, does this guy gargle with glass or something?! Just saying, the vocals are brutal!

There was one song that I though was a bit to long in terms of length-”The Colossal Hole” takes up 6 minutes and 7 seconds witch I felt was a bit to long for such a slow paced song, but then again, I'm not really into the slower sludge sound as much as I am into the speed of music. Again, there are good qualities to this song, there is some really cool guitar parts that sound as if they can be heard coming from Hell or some place as evil. As a matter of fact, a lot of the guitar work/solo's sound like pure evil, in a good way of course.

With plenty of mixed and sometimes spooky guitar riffs, deeper then the deepest abyss and darker than Hell vocal style, and the punk-ish type of drumming, the “Fleshlands” is a great listen. With 9 tracks to listen to, you wont soon get bored of this album. And I understand that there is a LOT more Coffins releases out there. This being their fourth full length, they also have several splits circulating around the underground as the band themselves have been around for 17 long years with “Fleshlands” being their first release in 5 years! That's a long time to wait, but the wait was well worth it.