If you're not familiar with Dug Pinnick, he's from the awesome prog-metal band King's X. After listening to this solo CD, it's clear he should just keep it to that band.

First off, this record sounds like some 15-year-old kid produced it for Dug in his bedroom. I'm 95% sure he used a drum machine, the guitars sound like they're a Garageband preset, and the bass really isn't all that prominent which is odd since it's his solo record. The CD is a mish-mash of different types of songs-for example, the first track "What You Gonna Do?" is a pretty generic slow, groovy track. The second track "If You Fuk Up" is a weird, poppy but still relatively heavy attempt at an 'inspirational' song. However, the lyrics are so trite and boring that you can't even take it seriously. The music video which I included also is impossible to take seriously. Right up after that is "Speeding Love," which is an incredibly heavy, downtuned track. Next is "Courage," whose verses are more bluesy than anything, but when the choruses kick in the guitars are playing a Slipknot-like riff. That's the theme of this record: an uninspired, uninspiring, disjointed, collection of 11 tracks that are a displeasure to listen to.

I've listened to all 11 songs, but it's not even worth my time or the time of anyone who would read this to talk about the others, I'd end up repeating myself a ton. The guitar work is sub-par:the solos are mainly pentatonic drivel, the bass doesn't really stand out at all, dUg's singing can be powerful at points but isn't in the mellower songs, and the fact that there are no live drums hurts this record even more. Even if you're a huge fan of this guy and his work in King's X, avoid listening to this.