Ira is a melodic death metal band from Italy. Basically, if you molded together Carcass and Death you'd get this band. The good side to that comment is that those are legendary bands of the style. However, the downside is that this record sounds exactly what tons of bands have already done.

It's a shame that there is no new ground forged on this CD considering that the band is very talented and always very tight. The production is very good as well. There's just nothing that jumps out at me in these nine tracks. Sure, you have thrashy parts, time signature changes, crazy shredding guitar solos, and some melodic passages, but nothing is memorable. I also found it weird that almost half the record is consumed by the "Occult Doctrine" in four parts.

The only song I really enjoyed on this record was "Occult Doctrine Pt. 3 (Calm Before the Storm)." It's a very nice instrumental piece on acoustic guitar with atmospheric keyboards thrown in.

If this was 25 years ago, this record might have some staying power. Now, it's about as generic as they come.