Fast punk music always has a place in my heart. If it's fast and remotely decent I will usually listen to it as long as the vocals aren't atrocious. I was unsure what I would get with All Pigs Must Die. The band is made up of members of Hope Conspiracy, Bloodhorse and Converge. I had never heard them before but found out this is their third release.

I put the first track on and found out what I had gotten myself into. It's fast, has heavy parts with some great vocals. The music is well written crusty hardcore. This isn't your new school ambient sounds mixed in with heavy crust that we have seen a recent rise in but the old school style of just in your face hardcore with super pissed off vocals.

Despite my normal attraction to fast and upbeat songs the slower tracks on this album were much enjoyable. The faster ones felt too noisy. Not to say these songs are bad as they are good songs just that I preferred the slower ones.

Overall this is a fantastic record. It is for fans of crust, hardcore or just any bands that write fast heavy music. After hearing this album it makes me want to go listen to the other two releases and get caught up.