I was introduced to Toxic Narcotic when I was first getting into punk. The vocals were amazing and the music was heavy and fast in all the right spots. I was a fan from the get go. After they broke up I had to check out Mouth Sewn Shut. Although nowhere near as good as Toxic Narcotic but still pretty good. Along comes Opposition Rising. They appeared in 2011 and never even noticed. I caught wind of them and couldn't believe I had missed them.

I finally got a copy of their newest ep. The music is a bit more clean than Toxic Narcotic was but still wonderfully composed and still fast in all the right spots. The tone of the guitars are superb and compliment the vocals perfectly. Everything about this ep is great. They have found a sound that works and is their own. They even sneak in some Ska style guitar parts in which break up the music a lot and make it not get repetitive.

Clocking in at around 10 minutes total for this EP they don't waste time on any filler here. Every song is a great stand alone song. My favorite being "No Way Out." Its short fast and has a really sing along chorus that I imagine would be amazing live. The last track is a slower dub style song mixed with their sound. Great finisher for the record.

This was a pleasant surprise to get this and stoked to get to hear them. Any fans of hardcore punk or Boston punk n general needs to check these guys out. Fantastic band that deserves some recognition.