Fallaster is a post-hardcore band from Paris, France. If you're familiar with bands like Funeral For A Friend or Silverstein then there won't be anything out of place or extraordinary here. However, it's a solid batch of emotive songs with great musicianship and production.

Like with any good post-hardcore band, there's a nice mix of mathcore-type intensity/complexity and melodic structure. The vocalist has a very good range when it comes to both screaming and singing. At some points he's almost at a guttural death metal growl, and at others he's hitting incredibly high notes in choruses. As far as the rest of the band goes, they also have great musicianship. The drums are always occupied with complex rhythms and fills but are always tight and never seem to be overplayed. As with any band in this genre, I wish the bass was louder but the guitars really shine. You have your typical chugging parts, but where the guitarists really stand out is when they have two layered parts. Maybe one is playing a nice reverb-soaked open chord progression while the other is complimenting it with lead lines. The dynamics are really good as well, as there's a lot of different sounds and textures this CD goes through as well.

Overall though, it doesn't really stand out from the pack. To me there weren't any really stand-alone moments on here, nothing where I'd make a note to come back to a specific song or even a specific part in a song. The songwriting and playing is good, just not good enough to do anything new or really grab my attention. If you're a huge fan of post-hardcore you might like this one, but if you're not you're better off listening to the bands that these guys take influence from.