I'm not the foremost expert on black metal. I'm not KVLT and I am not TRVE. So much of the genre has been dipped in such pure silliness that, unfortunately, some bands never got credit for being really good, innovative, and influential. All people see is corpsepaint and think about burning churches and they just shut down. And yet, there has been a slew of new bands using black metal in their own sound and an assault of college hipsters making screamo/black metal fusion projects and acting like they never listened to Darkthrone. Perhaps this has given rise to today's black metal bands who are coming back with great anger and furious vengeance, demanding to be taken seriously.

One of those bands making some serious noise is Murrum, a band out of New England, who have been carrying the banner for unapologetic, non-ironic, non-hipster, corpsepaint-wearing, winter-loving, pure satanic ritual black metal and basically shoving it down the throats of haters and skeptics alike. They do this by writing and performing really good songs that simply can't be sloughed off.

On their debut EP, In His Tacita Atria, Murrum unleases five songs of pure unholy terror. This aural heart attack summons the sound of endless falling, of screaming for hours until your voice is nothing but a bloody rasp, incapable of summoning any noise to convey the horror. Five songs that sound like pure devastation put to music. Five songs that push the boundaries of organic production to their limits, giving you what a solid black metal release should sound like. Raw. Compelling Well-written. None of this bad music hidden behind garbage production, this is legit.

And when it ends, you wonder what the fuck just happened. Listen to this song at a time, or the whole EP at once, it gives you that same feeling, and a slight hesitation about pressing "play" again. In His Tacita Atria leaves you laying tattered and bloodsoaked, as if shards of glass were propelled through you by the power of a nuclear explosion. If this is where black metal is going, then I'm going there too.