At first listen to this album, I was immediately taken back to J.R high school when my uncle, who was heavily into metal (get it?) introduced me to Overkills “Feel The Fire”, Kreators “Flag Of Hate” and Metal Church’s “The Dark”. Although this seems a bit tamer than the aforementioned Thrash bands, the idea and concept is there.
With plenty of influences stemming from the Thrash era, “Speedtrap” delivers a blistering take on an old genre of music when every one seems to be focused on being heavier, slower, grindier, whatever. But these guys just do what they do. And it sounds really good! Don’t get me wrong, I’m in definite favor of all things heavy and raunchy when it comes to my personal taste in music, but sometimes, something just catches your ear and takes you out of your comfort zone. And that’s exactly what Speedtrap did for me.
Powerdose opens with an ultra thrash number entitled “Take Their Lives”, this song and pace of the music sets the tone for the entire album. Pretty much the entire album follows suit on a high speed chase through wailing guitar solos and slashing rhythms and really never let’s up on the throttle.
The rest of the band follows suit with fast drumming and equally technical bass lines making sure the band stays on point. The vocals sound like air raid sirens warning of an impending air attack; I mean this guy has a set of pipes on him that could bring down a house…
The first thing that I though when I heard the vocals was Overkill, but the more I listened to it, the more his voice sounds unique, while still resembling some one I can’t actually put my finger on… So for now, the best resemblance I can make is that he sounds a lot like Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth, from Overkill.
With a demo, an E.P. and a split with “Death With A Dagger”, this is their first full length album and is set to be released on August 23, 2013, on Svart Records.
For all the technicalities in the riffs and clean vocal styles, this is a power house of an album. I wouldn’t say they reinvented the wheel here by any means, but the polished sound Speedtrap displays here is dam near perfect.
This isn’t anything that you haven’t heard before if you have been a metal head at all during your life, but something makes it stand out and shine. If you have ever heard of Psychosomatic and like that band, then this is a sure to grab album.
Again, its good to see bands taking a step out of the new norm and doing what they want to do (in this case Speed/Thrash Metal). And again, I’m 100% for all the heavier Death, Grind core and of course old trashy punk rock, but that’s not to say a revival, of sorts, is not a good thing. The more metal the better in my opinion. Thanks for reading! Here's a taste of what to expect from these Thrashers, Enjoy...