In the enormous clusterfuck that is the hardcore scene, a band that is genuinely hyped and receiving huge amounts of press is--at least 80% of the time--a letdown. Without naming names, we as a community have endorsed some pretty basic-bitch acts within the last few years. That being said, when Full Of Hell's Rudiments of Mutilation came out earlier this year, I was skeptical. Now, I heard Roots Of Earth... when it came out, and I was really impressed; however, not hearing anything from them for two years (cohesive albums--they've put out multiple splits--all of which are far worth the +/- $4) combined with the hype they've been getting, made me a little worried.

I was incredibly misguided: unforgivably wrong.

Rudiments of Mutilation could, without a doubt, be the most bone-snappingly heavy, shamelessly coherent hardcore release of the year. Ten songs at 24 minutes is no impossible endeavor--go to your local venue tonight, and you'll find a hardcore band averaging 2.4 minute tracks--no biggie. However the lack of filler in the album is breathtaking. Find me a band that is self- or media-prescribed as darker hardcore without any fucking filler and I'll show you a liar.

Short, sweet, and to the point: Full of Hell is brilliant, and they deserve the hype. Their music crushes and rages through agonizingly slow bass and lightning-fast snare hits--all with the precision and passion of a serial killer. A gorgeous, terrifying album. Touche, A389.