When I saw that iwrestledabearonce released a new album and it was up for review, I figured I'd probably listen to it and end up giving it an easy 1 or 2. But after listening to this record, it's clear that the band has matured. While this offering isn't revolutionary or even all that great, it is definitely a release that people who hate the band should listen to. The people who look down upon this band don't really understand the talent it takes to write and play these songs, even if sometimes they can seem almost un-listenable to the majority of music fans.

iwrestledabearonce have a sound that's hard to pin-point and classify, so I won't try. If you can think of a genre, it's probably in here somewhere. However, one of the things that I enjoyed about this album was that there were less bizarre transitions than on previous releases. Sure, there are a few like in "Firebees" which goes from a major-key jazzy passage with the vocalist singing in falsetto to a start-and-stop mathy pattern, to one of the more abrasive breakdowns across the 12 songs. There's also a salsa-like part in "Carnage Asada" (which Steve Vai actually guest solos on). Other than that though, the first half of the album is chock full of memorable riffs, complicated rhythmic patterns with extremely dissonant playing, and choruses that you can't get out of your head like "Thunder Chunky" or "Boat Paddles." After the first 7 songs is where the album failed to keep my interest. The songs on the second half felt more like filler than actually interesting songs that were crucial to the album.

Overall, fans of iwrestledabearonce might be upset that this record isn't as bizarre as previous releases (they didn't drop the weird song names though). This band seems to me like it's either a band you either get or don't. The problem is I don't completely understand them, so for me this album isn't terrible but it's not by any means great. I think it's ignorant to just write them off because of their name or their fan-base, because there's definitely something for extreme metal fans to like in here.