I woke up today and decided to check out the list of albums that hadn't been claimed since I haven't given a review in a very long time. As a matter of fact, I think I've only done one to date...oh well. I was very surprised to see this hadn't been reviewed, so I thought “Why not?” and decided to dive head first into what is possibly one of the most desired albums of the year amongst the hardcore scene. So...without further distraction, I give you... Twitching Tongues - “In Love There Is No Law”

So, for those of you who have heard this band before...well...you know this band enough to know what they're all about. I have been a fan of these guys for a bit, I'll admit that I took a while to grasp what they were really all about. There was just something about them that I couldn't really snag as to why everyone went so crazy over them. Then it hit me, they are just a really great band. I was brought into them by the videos of them playing Sound & Fury and the fact that I love Ruckus...so I thought I'd give them a solid shot when Sleep Therapy came out. Needless to say, I've been hooked since.

Right off the bat, this album caught my attention. The initial introduction to the album is very dark and low key, then shit gets real...and by real I mean it sounds like a Bolt Thrower record just hit my speakers. The guitars on this album are heavier than anything they've done so far...and balanced so much better. One thing I always thought took away from this band was that the guitars sounded like they had to be toned down to compensate for the less impacting vocals than your usual heavy recording. This album took that little quirk and tossed it out the window. The guitars are toned perfect and have a punishing level of hard hitting distortion while the vocals are balanced very well, had this had the same balance of their previous efforts...I don't think you could have heard Colin as well.

Now for the songs, you can pretty much guess what the majority of this record will sound like if you have heard Twitching Tongues before. With the exception of “Departure” and “Frigid” towards the end of the record, the songs are heavily influenced by the darker and heavier bands of the 90s, which I think is awesome. I don't think I really need to list off them all...but I know I am not the only one who wore awesome chain wallets and thought that Type O Negative was one of the greatest bands when I was in middle and high school and eventually found themselves in the hardcore scene.

The whole album is crushing, but I feel their writing has matured so much. They've diversified themselves, although perhaps not in every song...”Departure” and “Frigid” give them a whole new light of what kind of songs they can produce. Giving a much more mature and dare I say "gothic" side of the band that hasn't came out yet, especially in “Departure”, which is a completely acoustic song with very slight drumming involved and backing vocals by a female vocalist named Sara Love. I have to say that her contribution to this song is mind numbing, she has an incredible voice. She has a good section of the song with her singing alone and it is chilling how fantastic it came through. On top of that, her and Colin's tones work very well together and make for an excellent duet during the climax of the song.

Most of you have probably already heard the songs “Preacher Man” and “Feed Your Disease” from the Preacher Man EP, as well as “World War V”...all excellent songs. I have to say that, at least in my opinion, the song that stands out amongst the rest of the meat of this album is “Deliver Us To Evil”. I just love the diversity of this song from the rest, it's a bit more up tempo for the verse, tremolo picking during the bridge, and a simplistic yet heavy chorus. The guitar work is also more technical than a lot of their other songs, which shows that these guys can do more than just write crushing heavy riffs.

All in all, I absolutely love this record. I hadn't heard it until today...but I haven't stopped listening to it and decided that while I'm not doing anything, and while sitting here drinking my black french roast coffee, I would knock this album out and break my unseen streak as a reviewer on this site. I hope this lives up to the expectations of those looking for a review of this incredible record. Time to dive into Immolation tomorrow, goodbye.