If you're into any type of underground music, you've most likely come across Old Wounds. And for good reason. They seamlessly blend a 90's metallic hardcore sound with hints of other sub-genres such as grindcore and 'mathcore' (for lack of a better term) which is one of the reasons why I feel they're one of the most refreshing heavy bands to listen to today. They provide an extremely grim and melancholy tone throughout their releases, which is most prevalent on the opening riff to their first track, "An Ode To Love." It showcases a lone guitar playing a progression of both beautiful and dissonant arpeggios. As anyone would guess, this is thwarted by a blast beat and Old Wounds' impressive wall of sound, especially considering they're a 3-piece. If you're familiar with their sound, these two new tracks will not disappoint. What I really loved about their second track "The Sharpest Knife For The Blackest Heart" was the chorus. It's actually pretty melodic, and one vocalist is singing while the other is screaming the lyrics. It reminded me of The Art Of Drowning-era AFI which I enjoyed a lot. The ending breakdown could give Converge's "Axe To Fall" a run for its money.

Enter Trenchfoot. I've seen the name here and there, but I've never listened to them. One thing that isn't a huge deal but definitely distracting is that the production is distinctly different between both bands. The Old Wounds songs are produced much better-everything is very well set in the mix, and the sound quality from the guitar and bass tone to the cymbal crashes and kick drum are all great. On Trenchfoot's songs, the sound is a lot muddier and the vocals are definitely lower in the mix. Maybe this was done on purpose for the band's sound, but it sounds a bit odd. After listening to the Trenchfoot tracks, it's clear that these bands belong on a split together. If you like Old Wounds, chances are you'll like Trenchfoot. Their songs are shorter and more to-the-point, but all in all they clearly draw some similar influences.

This is a well-done split by two up-and-coming East Coast bands. Although Old Wounds steals the show on this one for me, I'll definitely go back and check out Trenchfoot's output.