Revocation's fourth full length was easily one of the most anticipated metal records of the year. Personally I was counting down the days for this self titled release and even went as far as pre-ordering the more limited version on vinyl via Relapse Records. After Chaos Of Forms and the stellar Teratogenesis EP, I had every right to be enthusiastic about their newest release. Unfortunately, I may have hyped this record up way too much for myself.

Before I get too far ahead, I should say that this is a good record. It's difficult for me to set aside my personal expectations and form an objective opinion. Revocation are still pumping out quality technical thrash/death metal much like you've heard on their previous releases. The problem is that there isn't much on these ten songs that sets this record apart from their past work. David Davidson is still steering the Revocation ship with excellent technical proficiency, but there is only so much he can do before he sounds like he is repeating himself. There are moments of brilliance on tracks like "Invidious" where they incorporate a banjo or on standout tracks like "Fracked" or "The Gift You Gave", but it still feels like something is lacking. I think part of what is missing is a standout vocal performance. Davidson's vocals are certainly adequate, but that is about it.

Having said all that, I'm slightly disappointed, but that hasn't stopped me from listening to this record every day since I got it. I definitely feel like this is their weakest release to date, but it is better than most bands best. There aren't any bad moments throughout the record, just too much unforgettable for a band that I think can do better. I haven't lost any faith in Revocation, in fact I'm wearing one of their shirts right now, but I hope the next record is more than just a lateral step.