Earlier this year I picked up Epitome Of Torture by Sodom and just recently noticed I've been going back to it quite frequently. Then I saw it has been desperately waiting for a review for the past 134 days, so why not give it a shot. It is what I like to call Teutonic Tuesday so when is better than now?

These Germans started way back in 1981 and have dabbled in and out of metals sub-genres. They have stuck to thrash for the most part and that is where they find themselves in 2013 with Epitome Of Torture. The album opens with the surprisingly melodic "My Final Bullet" which reminds me of later Kreator. I've seen them catching some flack for this song, but it is one of my favorite on the record. It is a little corny, but you'll have that when you call yourself Tom Angelripper. "S.O.D.O.M." follows and despite the kind of stupid spelling out of the bands name, the song works as a whole. They show a 32 year old band can still have what it takes to put out a solid thrash song while the genres heavyweights release shit like Rush covers, Super Collider and collaborations with Lou Reed.

The standout tracks are "CANNIBAL", "Shoot Today Kill Tomorrow", and "Into The Skies Of War". But that doesn't mean the rest of the album is filler. I'm surprised at how catchy the majority of this record is. I find myself singing the chorus to the title track and "Invokating The Demons" at random times which always brings me back for another listen.

Angelripper and company have produced an overall solid record on Epitome Of Torture. Some of it feels a little averaged or watered down, but I feel like beefing up the lead guitar would help alleviate some of the mediocrity. Other than that I don't have many complaints. It isn't "Agent Orange", but I wasn't expecting it to be either.