Usually I don't have an issue with Christian hardcore. There are a number of faith based bands that I love despite their utterly ridiculous beliefs. Unfortunately, Strengthen What Remains is middle of the road, boring hardcore no matter what they believe in.

Take Hatebreed, Terror, Barricade, and a bible mashed into one completely predictable mold and thats what you will find on Turning A Blind Eye. The gap seems to grow every day between hardcore bands that are really doing something exciting and those that are stuck doing the same old shit over and over. Sometimes that is okay. I'm not looking for anyone to reinvent the genre. I love its simplicity and boneheadedness. I just ask that if you going to follow the same old heavy hardcore band formula than please excel at it. Bands like Menace, Lifeless, and Benchpress aren't breaking through the wall with musical brilliance. They are doing it with intensity, sincerity and songwriting. It's not easy to keep heavy hardcore interesting, but it can certainly be done.

Strengthen What Remains have put forth twelve songs of mediocrity. They have moments, but there aren't many. If this were condensed down into an EP they might have something here. The song "Indoctrination" shows promise, but that is really the sole shining moment.

Turning A Blind Eye isn't a bad record, it is just a boring one.