I remember downloading "Ska Sucks" in the mid 90's on my old computer over dial up. I waited over an hour for the track to download. When I finally was able to listen to this track I was hooked. The song was catchy and fun and commented on the resurgence of ska bands. Although I loved the song it wouldn't be for another couple years until I found a ful copy of the album.

Once I did get a chance to get the album it was powerful, catchy and quickly became a staple in rotation. I couldn't get enough of them. Later this band would become one of my favorite bands.

Twenty years after its release Fat Wreck reissued the album with 3 tracks that were originally omitted as well some demo tracks from the album. The album was also remastered from the original analog tapes.

The album sounds great. The three songs put back have all been released before but now back to where they were originally meant for. "Pigs Will Pay" is the B-side of the "How to Clean a Couple Things." This is definitely the better of the three tracks. They are all good and fit right in on this album and even flow well where they are placed. It was also great to hear the "Leg-Hold Trap" as a studio track. There is a live version on "Where Quality is Job #1" double 7" and this does that song much more justice than the live version.

The demos are fine. They are just demos and I am not a huge fan of demos tacked on at the end of reissues. Mainly the fat that there is no flow to the album with demos as they are just thrown in to give perceived value. Here is not much different.

Been meaning to pick this album up? Now is the time. This is a great version of the album. Already have it? To me it was worth it for the three songs. I loved the three additional songs and it made the album feel fuller. Maybe not their best work but it is a solid record that holds some sentimental value to me.