I think I'm at the point in reviewing records where I'm getting jaded, especially with metal bands. Sawthis is a 'modern thrash band' from Italy, and they wear their influences on their sleeve... Way too much for their own good. If you listen to bands in the 'Similar Bands' section, you've already heard 95% of this record, I'm not even going to bother describing the sound. The other 5% though is what really stood out to me: the choruses in a few of the tracks (most notably "The Voice Falls on Me," "The Crowded Room," "The Spotlight," and "The Mad"). These are An Ocean Between Us-level catchy and have tons of energy, layered guitars, and melodic vocals. The record itself is a concept album centered around multiple personalities. I guess the extremely heavy parts counterbalanced with the infectiously catchy choruses symbolize this. Honestly, these were the only stand-out points of the record, and the only reason why I gave this album a 2.

Is the band very tight and is the production good? Sure. There's a lot of technicality and some solid songwriting, but the record suffers from a lack of originality. I can see how this band might do well in European countries, but with newer American thrash bands like Batllecross, Havok, and Vektor, there's really no contest between originality. A few choruses alone can't make an album stand out, and that's the downfall of Sawthis' Youniverse.